Heterochromia In Anime – Maki Zombina Kumuro Toki

There are various anime available having heterochromia and looking very much attractive.These anime are attractive.

Some of these anime we are going to describer below,

(1) Maki From Darker Than Black

Maki heterochromia

Maki is the young boy.Maki is having heterochrommatic irises.So there is one red and one green eye. Maki have light brown hairs.Maki is very kind in nature.He is helpful for all.He is having one necklace.This necklace was given to maki by someone who is very imporatant for him.This necklace is charming.

(2) Zombina From Monster Musume

zombina monster heterochromia animeZombina’s iries of each eye are in different colors. Zombina is a undead girl.Normally she looks normal human but when you goes near her all teeth are fangs.Her body has patchwork parts sewn together.She is not a hottest but also a smart zombie.Zombina have one green and one yellow eye.she also known as bina-chan.

Zombina love to watch horror movies and race of zombies. Zombina do not like to be in idle state or quite.

(3) Suiseiseki From Rozen Maiden

suiseiseki heterochromia animeSuiseiseki is shy and timid.She is very cute girl.She is having one green and one red eye.She is the third doll created as Rozen maiden sisters.She is dressed in victorian era style.She and her sister are gardener because they are having good communication between plants.

(4) Toki Fujiwara From Code Breaker

toki fujiwara heterochromia animeToki fujiwara is a character of Code Breaker.Toki also known as joker.Toki have the one eye green and other is red.Toki says an eye for an eye,a tooth for a tooth.Toki is very caring person.He is flirty also.Toki also have the power of magnetism.

(5) Mukuro Rokudo From Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Mukuro heterochromia AnimeMukuro is 15 years old mafia criminal.Mukuro is the boss of kokuro gang.As we can clearly see that mukuro is having the heterochromia. Mukuro is having right eye red and left eye green.

(6) Emilou Apacci From Bleach

Emilou Apacci heterochromia

Emilou Apacci have left brown eye and right ice blue eye.Emilou is the 54th arrancar in alizen’s army.Emilou is very tomboyish girl.Emilou is impulsive and disrepectful many times.She is short temper.

(7) Soushi Miketsukami From INU X Boku SS

soushi heterochromia anime

Soushi is a mixer of youkai and human.Soushi is have right blue eye while left as golden eye.Soushi is very kindful person.He is very handsome and charming.

(8) Lelouch Lamperouge From Code Geass

lelouch heterochromia anime

Lelouch is male anime character.Lelouch is very famous.Although his eyes did not appear different in color but when having the geass active in one of them they appear to voilet and pinkLelouch is a static man.

(9) Neko From K Project

neko heterochromia anime

Lelouch is very young female in K project.She is having pink hairs and having heterochromia in eyes as left one is blue and right one is green.She is very playful girl.

(10) Kakashi Hatake From Naruto

kakashi heterochromia anime

Kakashi is most talented ninja.Kakashi is also known as “kakashi of sharingan”.He is very cool guy.He is having heterochromia as left eye red while right as black.

This is all about the heterochromia in anime.

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