Heterochromia Cat or Most Beautiful Cat

Heterochromia in cat have became a interesting topic. Because blue eyed cat is most beautiful cat. In heterochromia in animals most interesting animal is cat.Because cats are cute and clever too.

We are going to discuss here some heterochromia cat or most beautiful cat

Heterochromia Cat One

heterochromia cat This is called the Chimera Cat. This beautiful cat is very famous.This beautiful cat have heterochromia Iridum.His right eye is golden while his left eye is blue.We called beautiful cat because this cat has small face size and beautiful heterochromia in his eye specially blue color eyes cat are most attractive.

Heterochromia Cat Two

heterochromia cat

This cat is having heterochromia iridum.It was said that all the heterochormia iridum cats was found one ear deaf.But is was wrong only 10% cats can be found one ear deaf.This beautiful cat is having right eye blue while left eye as green.

Heterochromia Cat Three

heterochromia cat

This cat is having sky blue eyes.This sky blue color is due to scattering of light in iris.While the left eye is called the orange eye.This is also in one of the most beautiful cat.

Heterochromia Cat Four

heterochromia cat

As it can be seen that this cat is having one blue eye and other yellow eye.All the cats are born with blue eyes even cat have heterochromia or not.

Heterochromia Cat Fife

heterochromia cat

As it can easily seen that this cat is having one yellow eye and other as blue eye.This is calico cat having heterochromia iridum.While this cat is very rare indeed.

Heterochromia Cat Six

heterochromia cat

Again this is one of the most beautiful cat having heterochromia iridum.In human the color of eye depends on pegment known as melanin.While in others there may be different kind of reasons.So this most beautiful cat is having blue eye left side while green in right side.

Heterochromia Cat Sevan

heterochromia cat

The beautiful cat is having one blue eye while other as orange.You will find out if you will see this deeply.This is very rare case.

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