Heterochromia In Animals

Heterochromia  Introduction

Hetrochromia is a condition in which our eyes color changes due to excess or lack of melanin in eye. People have the heterochromia iridum and there are lot of celebrities who have the heterochromia in eyes.

But the animals also have this heterochromia in eye,skin and hairs too.


Heterochromia  In  Animals

Some people have Heterochromia condition in his/her eyes; skin and hair etc. that also occurs the heterochromia condition in animal’s eyes, skin and hair etc.

This Heterochromia occurs due to lack of the pigment melanin or a relative excess or can be occurs due to inherited from parents to children; resulting genetic cells are changes in different genotypes or Heterochromia can be occurs due to  injury. animals can be Cats, Dogs, and horse etc. 


Heterochromia Types

  1. Complete heterochromia

In the complete heterochromia in which iris colour of eye is completely change thus one eye colour become complete different to other one eye colours it may be red, blue, green and brown etc. 

  1. Partial heterochromia

In the partial heterochromia half parts of iris of eye is change and rest part of iris leave same. It means that one eye have two or more different colours. This partial heterochromia is less common in the eye that no-one catching easily.

When heterochromia in animal’s eyes is occur then becomes odd-eye or changes in eye colour may be in blue, brown, copper, green, Red, orange, dark black and yellow or multi-colour in one eye etc.

In animals Heterochromia iridum condition mostly occur in the Cats & dogs etc.

Normally in Dogs eyes colour changes in dark blue, light blue, brown, amber etc.


Heterochromia  Effects  In  Animals

Heterochromia changes the color of





Heterochromia  Effects In  Animals  Eye

Heterochromia is  a medical problem  in which color of eyes is changed may be hazel,brown and blue.


Heterochromia  In  Dogs  breed

  • Great Danes,


  • Malamutes,


  • Dalmatians,


  • Border coolie


  • Siberian Huskies


Siberian Huskies With complete heterochromia may be one eye may be brown and the other blue, if it has partial heterochromia, both eye may be half brown and half blue etc.


heterochormia in dogheterochormia in dog

                                         A dog with complete heterochromia in eyes 


Heterochromia  In  Cats  Breed


  • Turkish Van



  • Turkish Angora


heterochromia in cat

                                          A cat with complete heterochromia in eyes

Normally in Cats eyes colour changes in copper, orange, yellow or green etc.

Heterochromia in cat’s eye one eye is Blue and other one is copper colour. 


Skin  Heterochromia  In  Animals

In some pets also occurs heterochromia in skin, due to heterochromia in pet’s, skin colour is changed.

The pets can be cats or dogs or horse any animal and birds etc. in this hetechromia condition skin may be in spotted.

Heterochromia in skin occurs due to excess or may be lack of melanin or pigment in the skin cells and it makes the skin colour in discolred or multiple shades thus colours are occurs on the skins. It can be on body at hands, chest, back, legs and in the head etc.

Although in human skin colours is changes in spots amy be white or black etc. spots on skin as like as in animals skin colours are also change due to hetrochromia condition it occur in spots on the animal skin or in the shaded skin . Heterochromia of skin can be inheriting from parents to children. Dog’s skin colours in heteromia condition may be white, brown or black as like more spots on the dog’s skin and skin shades.

Skin Hetrochromia In Dog

heterochormia in dogs

                    Heterochromia in dog Skin spots on Nose and in one eye color change

As you can see in the figure above there is skin heterochromia on the nose of the dog which result there is the change in the color of nose that is black spot. So skin heterochromia changes the color of skin in animals as well humans also.


Heterochromia in Horses

A complete heterochromia occurs in horse which results change in the color of skin as show in the figure below a horse mouth color is changed due to heterochromia.

heterochromia in horse

                                           A complete Heterochromia in Hourse


Hairs  Heterochromia  in  Animals

Animals have a condition called heterochromia in hairs meaning animal’s hairs become multi color, shaded or lighter in color begain thinner than the darker colour hairs of body parts may be tail, head, back and lags etc.

Hair different colors is reflects pigmentation of the disorder and can be from genetics from parents to children.

heterochromia in cats

                                                    Heterochromia in Cat’s hairs Near Eyes

As you can see in the figure above there is change in the color of hairs of the cats near by eye that is one side black and the other side is brown color hairs that is due to heterochromia in cats which results change in the color of hair.

This was all about the Heterochromia In Animals.

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