Heterochromia In Hairs

About Heterochromia

Heterochromia is a condition in which hair, eyes and skin  color is changed. Heterochromia can occur in early age or from birth time.

Heterochomia name is Greek world is divided in two parts one part ‘Heteros’ means different and second part ‘Chromia’ means colour.

Due to heterochromia condition hair colour become in white etc. or skin colour become white spot or eye iris colour become in multi-colours or in different colours may be blue, red, brown etc.


Heterochromia Types

Central heterochromia

Sectroal heterochromia

Complete heterochromia


Heterochromia in hairs

As on the body parts, the heterochromia condition also comes on the hairs.

Due to heterochromia in hairs condition colour changes of hairs , becomes in two different colors or  multi colors.

Hetrochromia condition can be occurs due to lack or excess of pigment melanin in our body or it can be occurs inherited from parents to children resulting in body genetic cells changes in different genotypes etc.


Heterochromia In Hairs Effects

(1) Heterochromia In Eye Leads Hairs

Showing picture below heterochromia in eye lead hair colour changed,

heterochromia in eye leads hair

                  Heterochromia condition: eye lead hair colours become odd

As you can In this picture hair colour of the upper of eye lead is changed in the white while down eye lead of the hair is black.

This condition is called the heterochromia in hairs.


 (2) Heterochromia In Scalp Hairs

Condition (A)

heterochromia in scalp hairs

                            Heterochromia condition head hair colours becomes odd

This is a young age girl 12 years old. But she has heterochromia in hairs condition her scalp hair colour is changed.

She has natural hair colour brown but due to heterochromia in hairs, her some brown hairs on the scale grow with white hairs in lines as we can see the picture. It can be occurs due to lack or excess of pigment melanin in body etc.

Condition (B)

Heterochromia in scalp hair

                                            Heterochromia in a child of the scalp hair

This is 10 year old child. He has heterochromia of the scalp hair. We can see in this picture  that boy before hair colour is natural black but After due to haterochromia his hair colour become  brown colour mix with black colour.


 (3) Heterochromia In Scalp With Hairsheterochromia in scalp with hairs

                           Heterochromia in hairs condition head hair colour becomes odd

She is 9 years old girl. She has heterochromia in hairs condition and also in her skin . On her head due to heterochromia white hair grow with black hairs and on the scalp we can see white spot.

So this is heterochromia in hairs condition in which patient is affected from scalp as well as hairs.


 (3) Heterochromia In Eye Lead hair and Eye Brows

Heterochromia in eye leads and eye browsHeterochromia in eye leads and eye brows

                     Heterochromia in hairs condition in eye lead hair and  eye-brow Hairs

 We can see in picture above a heterochromia condition, her white hairs on the eye lead and at the eye-brow.

At eye lead we can see multi colours in white and green with black colour and at eye-brow we can see white colour hair with black hair in this type of heterochomia condition.

Due to heterochromia some people’s hair color changes into multi-color, this condition can be from birth or due to variation of pigment melanin in body.

Sometime due to heterocrhomia condition proximal part of hair becomes black, middle part of hair is white and distal part of the hair is  black so hair colour becomes in three parts with black-white-black etc. or in different-different colors.

She also has eye heterochromia condition that is Central heterochromia.

we can see in picture center of the iris color is gold and outer blue color.


Now a day’s heterochromia become a form of faction. Some people fans to heterochromia they want to make surgery for his/her hair, eyes or skin etc.  Because  they love to look with different hair colors or different eye colors.

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