Heterochromia Iridis

Heterochromia iridis

Heterochromia iridis

Heterochromia iridis is ocular condition, in this ocular condition part of the one iris changes in color while the rest part of the iris remains same in color. Which results sectoral heterochromia or partial heterochromia or complete heterochromia.

In heterochoromia iridis color of one eye is different from the color of other eye in same person. This happens because iris in our eye have less or high concentration of melanin.

From high concentration of melanin our eyes get brown in color and from less concentration it gets blue color. But eye color is inherited.

Complete heterochromia is  more common than the partial heterochromia iridis. It is inherited . This may be the waardenburg’s syndrom.

Heterochromia iridis because of excess of melanin or due to lack of melanin. This melanin is pigment which decides the color of eye.

heterochromia is due to unbalancing of the melanin which results hyperchromic or hypochromic.


There are two situation of concentration of melanin

(1) hyperchronic

Excess of melanin is hyperchronic

(2) hypochronic

Lack of melanin is hypochronic.


Hypochromia iridis Causes

This can be from injury

This can be genetic or hereditary

This can be inflammation

Hypochromia iridis can causes from heterochromia iridis because there is absense of ocular.

Eye drops , Prostaglandin Analogues



Heterochromia Iridis Symptoms

Change in eye color is the symptom of this.


Heterochromia Iridis Risk Factors

Abnormalities and inflammation can be the risk factors for this.

prostaglandin analogue eye drop’s use is a risk factor for this.


People with dark hair represents there is excess of melanin which results brown iris eyes.

People with light color hairs represents there is lack of melanin which results blue iris eyes.


Diagnose Heterochromia Iridis

It can be diagnose form the parents or from the slit lamp examination by the ophthalmologist.



congenital heterochromia iridis is very less in the human being. So we need to care our eyes on regular basis.

This was all about this heterochromia iridis and if you are having then contact to your doctor. Some people colored contact lens to hide their original eye colour. Use of colored contact lense is very helpful for these people.

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