Heterochromia Iridum

Heterochromia Iridum

Heterochromia Iridum is innate or acquired ocular condition. People or animals having one blue or brown color in one eye while hazel or green color in other eye is called the Heterochromia Iridis. Plural of iris is called the irides.

Heterochromia iridum can also expressed as the intra-iris variation in color. This intra-iris variation color means one eye can have two or more than two colors.

heterochromia iridum


Heterochromia Iridum Causes

(1) It can be Genetically.

(2) Homer’s Syndrome

(3) Waardenburg Syndrome

(4) Cancer

(5) Injuries

Some people dont have any problem with distinct color or eyes while other people have the problems like blindness, Eye inflammation and visual distortion.

While old patients finds the heterochromia iridum as a result of glaucoma or cataracts. Many researches have done it was found that Glaucoma can change the ocular pigment of adults.


This ocular pigment can change in two ways

(1) Glaucoma-linked optic nerve damage

(2) Eye pressure force to color abnormalities

Glaucoma contains the ingredient that cause hypo pigmentation. Which means chaning the color in the iris.

Less amount of melanin is called the hypo pigmentation.

Clinical researches have done which shows that a person who is suffering from iris cancer can also suffer from heterochromia iridum.

This type of cancer is called the ocular cancer which is also know as the melanocytic stormal proliferation. This melanocytic stormal proliferation cancer can change the structure of the eye and can also shift the eye color with the presence of lesions. Which can also mask our iris.

The person can have the eye infection which can take the form of heterochromia iridum. This heterochromia iridum is caused by the Fuchs Heterochromic Iridocylitis (FHI). So this is condition in which iris color loss occur. This FHI can be permanent or temporary.

A baby born with the heterochromia iridum can also be effected from the Waardenburg Syndrome or horner’s syndrome.


Waardenburg Syndrome

In waardenbur syndrome a person or animal not only have the different color eye but also can have some skin pigments and some tooth and hearing abnormalities.

Horner’s Syndrome

In horner’s syndrome the nerves system between brain and the eyes get destroyed. The new born baby who have the heterochromia iridum but it is nor genetic then it can be come from the traumatic injury during the birth.

Horner’s syndrome can cause the sectoral heterochromia.

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