Sectoral Heterochromia

Heterochromia Introduction

sectoral heterochromia

Heterochromia is greek word. Heterochromia causes diffrenece in colors of iris, hairs and skin.

Here heteros meaning is different while chroma meaning is colors.

Heterochromia is due to excess or lack of melanin in body this results heterochromia to human, dogs and cats also.

Heterochromia causes the change in color of iris or eyes.

There are three kinds of heterochromia

Central Heterochromia

Sectoral heterochromia

Complete Heterochromia


Sectoral Heterochromia

As you can see below in the photo there is only one portion of iris is affected with the sectoral heterochromia in red color while rest portion of the eye is blue color.

sectoral heterochromia

Sectoral Heterochromia

In this heterochromia, in one eye particular part of iris of eye is in different color it can become like a spot of red color near by iris.

Sectoral heterochromia finds in cats and dogs and it is very rarely find in the human being. This heterochromia finds 1 percent only in human beings.

So sectoral heterochromia’s meaning is particular part of iris is effected and shows different colour.

This sectoral heterochromia can come from your parents. If your parents are having the sectoral heterochromia then there is probability of getting sectoral heterochromia.


There are two types of sectoral heterochromia

Abnormal Iris Dark

In this abnormal iris dark the iris gets dark in color this due to excess of melanin which causes dark our iris color this color may be brown.

Excess of melanin is called the hyperplasia situation.


Abnormal Iris Light

In this abnormal iris ligh the iris color gets light this is due to lack of melanin which causes the light color of eyes it can be light blue.

Lack of melanin is called the hypoplasia situation.

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