What Is Heterochromia

What is Heterochromia


This is basically change in color of eyes this can be with hairs and skin also. In other words in this one eye has different color than the other eye.

This is due to lack of melanin. Melanin is a pigment. Naturally melanin is dark brown or black.
Brown eyes have large concentration of melanin.

Blue eyes have less melanin.

Green eyes have more melanin than the blue eyes but less than brown eyes.

If there is very less concentration of melanin then eyes can be seen red.

Still it is very hard to say what color of eyes would get the baby from his parents. But still there are 16 genes are responsible for the eye color in the humans.

But you can check probably eye color of baby by using the

Eye Color Calculator 

Excess of melanin causes the hyperplasia where as the lack of melanin causes the hypoplasia.

This affect the dogs as well as cats also.


Types Of Heterochromia

1) Congenital Heterochromia

2) Sectoral Heterochromia 

3) Acquired Heterochromia 

4) Central Heterochromia


1) Congenital Heterochromia

This is inherited as autosomal dominant. This finds one in thousand.


2) Sectoral Heterochromia

Sectroal heterochromia meaning is particular a part of your iris color is changed in one eye and rest portion is same color.


3) Acquired Heterochromia

This causes due to injury,tumor and from eye drops.

This is due to eye drops for that damages the iris of eye.


4) Central Heterochromia

This changes the eye color from center to outward. It means the eye color in the center can be brown and outward it can be grey.

Thus when you wakeup and if you see there is change in color of your eye then go to doctor.

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